Austrian Silver Philharmonic Silver Coins Special Offer

Silver Coins Special Offer

Silver Coins Special Offer

Due to the success of our recent Gold Krugerrand special offer, and by popular request we are pleased to be able to extend our bulk buy promotions to our silver coins. We currently have a number of Austrian Philharmonic 1oz Silver Coins which we have allocated to our Silver coins promotion, which we are able to bring to you at a price once again unrivalled in the UK.

Buy Silver Coins at our Special Offer Prices

At the time of writing Hatton Garden Metals have a limited amount of stock of the beautiful  Austrian Philharmonic 1oz silver coins. These silver coins are available in packs of 10 or 50 at prices that represent a great discount on our already low prices for silver coins. Details of this offer or any current offers and current stock prices can be found at our Gold & Silver Bullion store.

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Buy Gold Bullion – Special Offers

Buy Gold Bullion At Market Leading Prices

Buy Gold Bullion - Special Offers

Buy Gold Bullion - Special Offers

Due to a limited amount of overstock Hatton Garden Metals are able to bring to you an outstanding limited time offer when you buy gold bullion coins from us at premiums rarely seen in the UK. This special offer is currently available on the South African Krugerrand 1oz gold bullion coin and is only available against a limited amount of stock for bulk purchase.

Buy Gold Bullion Coins with our Special Offer

At time of posting Hatton Garden Metals are offering a special offer to bulk buy gold bullion South African Krugerrands in packs of 5 or 10. To see more details on this offer, or other offers currently available, visit our Buy Gold Bullion page here

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Channel 4 Superscrimpers – HGM Argos Giveaway


Channel 4 Superscrimpers

Channel 4 Superscrimpers

Hatton Garden Metals are in the media again, with a feature in the new series of the Channel 4′s Superscrimpers in which Mrs Moneypenny kicks off the first episode including a piece on selling old jewellery. Read on to find out more about Superscrimpers and how they can help you save money in your day to day dealings.

Consumer Advice from Channel 4 Superscrimpers

Channel 4′s Mrs Moneypenny the entrepreneur, journalist and mother of 3 presents the new Superscrimers series that shows how to ‘scrimp and save in these strained times’. Tonight’s episode of Superscrimpers sees Mrs Moneypenny meet the ‘super-spending Oak family from Nottingham who waste a whopping £7000 a year on treats for their young daughter – money they can’t afford.’

The Channel 4 show follows the family’s challenge to become superscrimpers to see if they can learn how to make essential savings whilst keeping the children entertained.

Hatton Garden Metals Channel 4 Superscrimpers Giveaway

To complement the style of the show Hatton Garden Metals are running a Superscrimpers accelerator lucky draw where one lucky superscrimper will get a minimum of £20 in vouchers to spend in any Argos or Homebase store. To add to that, for every 10 entries, likes or shares related to Superscrimpers posts on our Facebook page we’ll increase the prize fund.Anyone can enter, here’s how: -

How to Enter the Hatton Garden Metals Superscrimpers Draw

  1. Watch tonights episode of Superscrimpers on Channel 4 at 8pm
  2. Post a Superscrimper Hatton Garden Metals related comment to our Facebook page

How to increase the Channel 4 Superscrimpers Prize Fund

  1. Go to our Facebook page and like or share a Superscrimpers related post
  2. Every 10 entries, likes or shares will build the prize fund

More from Channel 4 & Superscrimpers

More information on Channel 4′s Superscrimpers and other great ways to save money can be found at Mrs Moneypenny’s scrapbook

More information on Channel 4′s other programmes can be found here


British Gold Coins & Capital Gains Tax

HMRC & Capital Gains Tax Exemption

HMRC & Capital Gains Tax Exemption

Gold sovereigns minted in 1837 and later years are proving a popular choice amongst British investors due to their exemption from capital gains tax. This article provides further information about the why British gold sovereign coin is exempt from capital gains tax, and points to the legislation from the HMRC covering the exemption…..

British Gold Sovereign Coin

The British Sovereign is one of the most widely traded gold coins in the World. Besides the intrinsic gold value that these coins hold, their appeal stretches beyond their weight in gold due to exemption from capital gains tax. The Full Sovereign weighs 7.9g, with the Half Sovereign weighing 3.9g, and the much more recent Quarter Sovereign weighing 1.9g. All Sovereigns are struck in .916 2/3 fineness, more commonly known as 22ct, and have been Minted by either the Royal Mint in London, or a royally sanctioned Mint in Australia, India, Canada or South America. Regardless of the country in which these coin have been minted, they all carry the British Design, and therefore remain legal tender, with a nominal value of one pound sterling.  Needless to say the market value of these coins as an investment is significantly higher than their £1 face value.

Capital Gains Tax Exemption

British coins minted in 1837 or later years have unique appeal to the knowledgeable investor- they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) . Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit that one makes on disposal of assets. This capital gains tax exemption is not just true for the British Sovereign minted in 1837 and later years, but also include the larger one ounce Britannia’s, and the five & two pound coins. The British Coins along with all other ‘investment’ coins and bullion bars (as outlined by the European Commission) are tax-free. The additional benefit to Buying the British coins outlined above over a bullion bar or foreign coin is that they remain exempt from capital gains tax when selling on for a profit (or a capital gain). It is absolutely apparent that these coins have, and always will be, considered a valuable bullion asset. However, it is their Capital Gains Tax exemption that has facilitated the demand for British gold coins in recent years.

About Capital Gains Tax

In the UK, Capital Gains Tax is applicable for all profits over £10,100.00. It is important to clarify that capital gains tax is only applicable to profits made when selling, and not the total amount of the sale. For many individual investors and coin collectors this CGT annual limit is not
likely to be reached on profits alone. However, for the larger investors buying British coins is definitely worth some thought. It is for this Capital Gains Tax exemption that British Sovereigns, along with many other British Coins, are seen as the most advantageous ways of purchasing large quantities of investment gold.

Extract from HMRC Capital Gains Tax Advice on Currency

CG78307 – Foreign currency: coins: legal tender

Coins are to be regarded as currency only if they are legal tender at the time of their acquisition or disposal. Coins which are currency but not sterling, for example Krugerrands, are chargeable assets.

CG78308 – Foreign currency: coins: legal tender

Sovereigns minted in 1837 and later years and Britannia gold coins are currency but, like all sterling currency, are exempt because of TCGA92/S21 (1)(b).

Further general info related to Capital Gains Tax available at

Get Cash for Gold Online- Where to Sell Gold Safely- ITV Report

Get cash for gold online – Where to sell gold online safely

ITV’s Carole Malone Reports on where to sell gold online

where to sell gold online safely

Phil, Holly & Carole discuss where to sell gold online safely

Gold online is in the news again. On the 29th Febuary ITV’s ‘This Morning’ aired an article presented by Carole Malone on where to sell gold online safely. Again, Hatton Garden Metals were asked to step in & help out, some old scrap gold and gold valuations to compare against cash for gold online prices as the mystery “Hatton Garden jeweller”

Gold Online Price Test- Where to sell?

Throughout the article the price of gold online from an alternative cash for gold dealer was compared against Hatton Garden metals actual gold valuation. Here’s what they found….

9ct hollow bracelet with heart lock
Cash for gold online price quoted £196.20

Actual gold online price quoted by Hatton Garden Metals £232.21

14ct horse shoe Charm
Cash for gold online price quoted £38.87

Actual gold online price quoted by Hatton Garden Metals £46.16

22ct full sovereign

Cash for gold online price quoted £211.47

Actual gold online price quoted by Hatton Garden Metals £258.88

On average this equates to around 20% higher rates paid by Hatton Garden Metals when compared against other cash for gold online services.

Getting the best deal for your gold online

The key to ensuring you get the best deal possible when selling your old gold online is to know your jewellery and to do your research. Below are a few simple things to consider that will give you the information you need to make an informed decision no matter where you sell your gold online or otherwise.

Know Your Jewellery – Preparing for and acucurate price for your gold online

Gols Hallmark Table
Gold Hallamrk Table

The value of your gold online will be based on two things. Firstly, the carat value and secondly, the weight. Both these pieces of information are used to get a valuation for your gold online. You can determine the weight using a reliable set of scales, and the carat value can be determined from the hallmark that corresponds to the table adjacent. If the item does not carry an approved UK hallmark then there is no guarantee that the quality of the item is as per any markings on the gold. It is quite common for gold that has been imported from Asia to carry a 22ct marking (not a UK Hallmark) although the true quality of the gold will be somewhere between 20 – 22ct.

Know the Market Value for gold – Calculating the price for gold online

The market value of gold is fixed twice daily by the ‘London Bullion Market Association’ commonly referred to as the LBMA. This fix is for the value of one troy ounce (or roughly 31.1 grams) of 24ct gold. To give yourself a base price to work out the value of you jewellery we are going to calculate the market value of 1gram of 1ct of gold.

At the time of writing the Gold Fix stands at £1113.28. To calculate the price of a single gram we divide this by 31.1 (grams in a troy oz) and then again by 24 to get the final figure of £1.49 for 1 gram of 1ct gold. If you have 120 grams of 9ct gold to sell you would simply perform the following equation

£1.49 x 120 (weight in grams) x 9 (carat value) = £1609.20

This figure is of course the market value of pure gold in bullion format so, only reflects the market value of the gold, not the price that you will achieve for your gold online.

Know the rate you are being offered for your gold online

In February 2011 the Office of Fair Trading took enforcement action against 5 cash for gold online companies after a number of complaints were lodged against these companies in relation to their gold online buying business practices. One of the key undertakings that were subsequently enforced was that the 5 companies must ‘provide consumers with clear information on the prices offered for gold online, including information on the weight and carat of the items assessed’. However these undertakings only apply to the 5 companies in question and there are others in the industry that still keep their prices for gold online hidden until they have received your gold.

Whether you are selling to a Postal gold online Company, a High Street Jeweller or a Pawnbroker, always make sure you understand the rate you are being paid before parting with your gold. If a company refuses to disclose this then I would always recommend you walk away.

Another commonly used tactic by unscrupulous companies is to offer a high price for gold online, then once your gold has been received, offer you a much lower price, but with obstructive and expensive returns processes.

At Hatton Garden Metals we have committed to always paying at least 95% of the market value, and in fact we currently pay a slightly higher rate. We also provide a simple calculator that can be used to assess the prices that we pay linked to the market value of
gold updated daily.

What else should I consider when selling gold online?

Postage - I would recommend only using Royal Mail’s Special delivery service. Their record at delivering next day with insured carriage up to £2,500 on request is excellent. Always make sure the insurance level covers the market value of your gold.

Non Gold Items – The valuation and subsequent payment for your gold will only be based on the total gold content. If non gold items exist within the jewellery such as stones, springs, watch movements or steel inserts the weight of these would be deducted from your items before the gold online value is calculated. Stones are normally lost in the melting process so if they are of any value to you either remove them before sending your gold or check with your dealer to see what their policy is in relation to the removal and return of the stones or other elements.

Valuations – If for whatever reason your dealer and your valuations are different you may wish to have your gold returned to you and cancel the deal. Good practice here is for positive confirmation of acceptance of the new valuation to be given by the seller, although a number of companies will assume agreement if you do not respond to their request in a certain time. It has also been known for some companies to take excessive time to send back your gold in an attempt to dissuade you from having it return. Check with the dealer before sending what there policy is in relation to returns and if this policy is not stated on their website then get it in writing.

Reputation – There are a large number of consumer websites, forums and blogs upon which consumers from all industries freely share their experience when transacting with organisations. The postal gold online industry is no different. I would always recommend to only use a Gold dealer that has independent unmoderated testimonials that cannot be edited by the companies in question. If not I would be compelled to ask them what they have to hide.

Hatton Garden Metals aim to provide a fast, efficient and transaprent gold online service paying high rates thereby ensuring our customers are happy and willing to recommend us and build our reputation. Let us know what you think about the ITV report, and about the above advice we give to help maximise your returns when selling your gold online.

2012 Gold Sovereign Coins

The 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin has arrived

As an approved supplier of the 2012 Gold sovereign coin from the Royal Mint Hatton Garden Metals are pleased to be able to offer the 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin at market leading prices to our valued customers.

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin
2012 Gold Sovereign Coin

“The 2012 Gold Bullion Sovereigns are expected to attract unprecedented demand, exceeding that of both 2010 and 2011. While interest in gold investment shows no signs of dropping over the coming year, the Royal Mint is extremely proud to reveal the 2012 Gold Bullion Sovereigns will also bear a new reverse design created to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Each coin will bear a new beautifully composed rendition of St George and the dragon by Paul Day, only the fourth sovereign design change in 141 years. Struck in 22 carat gold these coins are guaranteed to prove very desirable so you are advised to place orders early to avoid disappointment.” Royal Mint – October 2011

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Market Leading Offer

Hatton Garden Metals have built a reputation for market leading prices and outstanding service. Our pricing policy see’s us bring your the 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin at just 6% over gold fix. At time of going to press todays price on the 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin is £270 which represents a saving of over £100 on Royal Mint prices, and a staggering £14 saving per coin over our nearset competitor. Whats more we don’t enforce bulk purchases of the 2012 gold sovereign coin to get our best rate, these are available to everyone. To see todays prices check our website.

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Specifications

The 2012 Gold sovereign Coin: -

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Specification

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Specification

Alloy: 916.7 Au 22carat gold

Diameter: 22.05mm

Weight: 7.98g

Reverse Designer: Paul Day

Obverse Designer: Ian Rank Broadley FRBS



The 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin is available now from Hatton Garden Metals and makes an ideal present, addition to a collection or option for investment. Why not let us know your thoughts on the 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin by leaving a comment below.


Investment Gold – Why’s the price so high?

Where does investment gold come from?

Where does all the investment gold in the world sit?

Why is the price of investment gold so high?

Some shocking visualisations on gold, investment gold, and the state of the worlds gold market.I personally love this article, it really makes you start to visualise how much (or little) gold exists in the world. For example, have a guess how many Olympic sized swimming pools all the gold ever extracted would take up, read on and prepare to be shocked….


Investment Gold - All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

Visit Hatton Garden Metals for all the latest prices and trends for investment gold products.

Investment Gold – Hatton Garden Metals In The Press

Investment Gold Press Coverage

Investment Gold is big news at the moment

particularly with the price of gold rising so high, so it should come as no suprise that Hatton Garden Metals have featured in the press several times through 2011, both for our investment gold and scrap gold services.

ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby ran a feature on how to buy investment gold and as a premier investment gold seller, Hatton Garden Metals were asked to help out.

Steve Wilson presents an investment gold feature in which Hatton Garden Metals are recommended as a place to buy investment gold.

As our newer investment gold service is making its way to being a market leader, our scrap gold service has continued its run of great feedback on Martin Lewis’s website forums. This has led to us being featured in ’Martin’s 12 Saves’ as published in the Sunday Mirror at number 5 – Turning old gold into Christmas cash

Scrap Gold & Investment Gold service

Martin Lewis again was recommending our scrap gold service but, unfortunately appeared to run out of time. He did however mention that Hatton Garden Metals as a scrap gold site with ‘decent feedback’ and we are recommended through a link on ITV’s Daybreak Website.

Watch out for more media coverage of our investment gold and scrap gold services in the through 2012. Have you seen us in the press? Let us know what you thought using the comments section below, we’re always delighted to receive your comments.









£100 of Free Argos Vouchers

Recommend a Friend – Win Free Argos Vouchers

To celebrate our new partnership with Argos and to launch our ‘Recommend a friend Reward scheme’ we will be giving away £100 of free Argos vouchers in the first of our competitions in the run up to Christmas. Fancy getting your hands on some free Argos Vouchers, read on to find out how……..

Argos vouchers reward scheme

How can I win the Free Argos Vouchers?

When our customers provide us with feedback on the service we offer, most tell us that they are going to recommend their family and friends. With this in mind we designed a scheme that enables you to benefit from any recommendations that you make. Every time a friend you have recommended through our ‘Recommend a friend Reward scheme’ uses our service we’d like to thank you, and we will do this by crediting your account with Argos vouchers that can be spent in any Argos or Homebase store nationwide. On top of this, any recommendations made until 12th November will also go into the free prize draw to win £100 of free Argos vouchers. The more friends you introduce to us, the more entries you will have in the draw and the more chance you will have of winning.

How do I earn Argos Vouchers for Recommending Friends?

We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible, so we’ve introduced 3 ways in which you can tell your friends about the service we offer, and if any of them take up your recommendation we’ll send you some Argos Vouchers to say thanks.

To start telling your friends log into your account and click on the ‘My Referrals‘ tab and use the 3 methods below

1. Facebook Recommend button

Simply click on the ‘Recommend’ button and the recommendation can be posted directly to your wall. If any of your friends click on the link it will register that your friend was recommended by you.

2. Twitter

On the same page as the Facebook button is a ‘Tweet’ button which enables you to tweet your friends about the service and tracks any clicks back to our site.

3. Email

By using the email functionality you can enter your friends email address and a customised message. Again, any click backs and transactions are recognised and should your friend complete their transaction, we”ll happily send you some Argos Vouchers by way of thanks.

When your friends click on any of the links generated by the options above, our system stores you as the person who recommended them. If your friend then goes on to sell their gold to us, we will automatically credit your account with Argos vouchers which, once claimed can be used to spend in any Argos or Homebase store nationwide. There is no limit to the amount of Argos vouchers you can claim, and therefore you can keep on earning Argos vouchers again and again. Start earning your Argos Vouchers now, click here to get started

Argos Vouchers Giveaway Terms & Conditions

1. Any recommendation recognised by the HGM automated system as a ‘completed referral’ between 12th October & 12th November will qualify for entry into the draw to win £100 of Argos Vouchers.

2. Multiple entries to the draw for Argos vouchers are allowed. The more completed referrals you have, the better chance you have to win

3. The draw for Argos vouchers will take place in the week commencing the 14th November by a HGM employee. HGM’s decision as to all entries and final winner is final and there is no right of appeal.

4. The winner of the draw will be contacted directly by HGM, and by accepting the prize agrees to have their name used in publicity material, including online and offline media.

5. The £100 of Argos Vouchers will be issued on a HGM reward card, and as such the winner is required to comply with all ‘Hatton Garden Metals Argos Reward Card’ terms & conditions

Let us know what you think about our Argos Vouchers reward scheme and our Argos Vouchers giveaway using the comments section below


Investment Gold Coins – New Offers

Investment Gold Coins – Price Changes

Investment gold coinsDue to the unprecedented demands for investment gold coins we are changing our price structure for 1oz gold coins. With immediate effect all 1oz gold coins will be bought at 100% of the London Gold Fix on day of receipt. This investment gold coin offer will run for the month of October.

We will also be returning to our standard sale price for 1oz investment gold coins to reflect the market at a 3% premium over gold fix. Sovereign gold coin prices are unaffected.

Investment Gold Coins – Premiums

Sovereign Gold Coins – Buy 98% Sell 103%

1oz Investment Gold Coins – Buy 100% Sell 103%

We believe that the above premiums for investment gold coins reflect the best current market offering, and the best balance of spread for both our buying and selling customers. The following 1oz Investment gold coins are included in the offer: -

South African Full Krugerrand

American Eagle

US Gold Buffalo

Canadian Maple

Australian Nugget

Chinese Panda


Automated Investment Gold Coins Ordering Process

Our new automated gold coin and gold bar ordering system is now available on line, giving you the ability to order your gold coins and gold bars (as well as silver coins and bars) without the need to speak to somebody on the telephone. Simply go to and follow the on screen prompts. The website is automatically updated with any new stock and prices for silver and gold coins are updated daily with the London Gold & Silver fixings.

Have you used the new gold coin ordering system? Do you have a view on the new price structure? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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