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  • Alisonmilne15


  • Julie

    OMG how fast was that, sent yesterday and less than 24 hours the money is in my bank. I am so so pleased you cannot imagine. What a fantastic service, I am recommending you to everyone
    Thanks so much Hatton Garden Metals x

    • Hatton Garden Metals

      Thanks Julie, make sure you use our ‘Recommend a Friend Reward Scheme’ to ensure you get your rewards for recommending us. There’s a short simple instructional video that can be found here

  • Peter

    Hi, I have delt with HGM for some 2 years and sent the odd peices for my friends, and over this time all I can say is I have been very satisfied with their service and prices, I tried British Gold Refinery, and found once their had my gold, rang me with the price it was no were near what was quoted and wanted £50 to return it, take my advice stick to HGM.

    Peter Robinson.

    • Hatton Garden Metals

      Thanks for your kind words Peter

  • Jacqui

    This is the first time I have used Hatton Garden Metals for selling some of my old gold jewellery – what a great service!! Easy to use and extremely quick and efficient. The price I got was excellent. I cannot fault their service and would definitely use HGM again and recommend them to anyone looking to sell gold for a good honest price.

  • Sue W

    Had a few small items ‘valued’ as £160 at a free valuation day held by a local dealer. Did my homework via Money Saving Expert website and went straight to Hatton Garden Metals. Sent my items and received over £500!! Excellent, professional service – will definitely recommend and hope to use again.

  • Sueroohi

    This was my first dealing with HGM and certainly won’t be my last! Posted my gold yesterday and the money was in my bank 12:30 today. I am amazed how speedy the service was. I weighed my gold to be 30 grams but when they weighed it it was 30.60, how many companies would be so honest to give you more than you had been quoted. I was quite nervous of posting my gold and being ripped off but needn’t have worried.


    Sue R

  • Deborah Miller

    All i can say is this company are the best posted yesterday got paid today will use again and are highly recommended best prices

  • vikram

    No Offence, Currently Dealing with Hatton Garden Metals.. Got a quote from TESCO which clearly states my gold as 22ct at 35.92. Offered Close to 900

    Hatton got back to me stating that it is 20 ct at 35.90 (well .02 doesnt really matter ) and extra testing would require a 20 pound charge. and they offered 861

    I was just wondering alot of the consumers who go through this don’t do their home work and readily accept the offer.

    Doesn’t this Amount to fraud.

    Had the gold checked at local jewellers and they all came out as 22ct.

    hatton garden i am not sure how you do your testing, but i am very dissapointed.

    end of the day who is speaking the truth.. haha!!

    I can see everyone posting here about how great hatton is…the question is not which gold buyer to choose… but which of you are getting paid the real price and being given the true readings.


    Vikram Sivakumar

  • Name

    Best precious metal company I’ve ever dealt with :- swift, honest and reliable.

  • Morag

    Excellent service – posted and money paid into my bank via faster payment well within 24 hours. Would definitely use again as they are as genuine as they portray on their site. Was paid exactly what I was quoted which is more than you will get from local jewellery companies and other sites I checked. I would definitely recommend.

  • Jorge

    I bought a pendant online from the London Diamond Store. They lie in their web page claiming the pendant was British hallmarked. I took the piece of jewelry myself to the London Assay Office to be tested and properly hallmarked. The good news for me was that it was real gold, but I had to pay for the hallmarking service. The only thing I asked from the Diamond Store after the lied to me about this piece of jewelry was to be compensated for what I paid to the LAO (£12.24). They did not even give me the courtesy of a reply. Don’t buy from them. If they lie about hallmarking I’m sure they lie about many other things. They are crooks

  • Mumof4

    I asked for my gold to be returned as the price was not as good as the online quote by over £100. However my bangle has come back mangled. I rang & they said they use DESTRUCTIVE METHODS to determine certain things & that this was their website. I CANNOT FIND THIS INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE. IT NEEDS TO BE CLEARLY VISIBLE TO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS & NOT HIDDEN. I feel there is a misdiscription issue here & I am going to get in touch with the relevant ombudsman.

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