HGM on ITV1 Tonight – 9pm! Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers

Hey Everyone! So back in March we had some filming in and around our building in Hatton Garden. They mainly directed their cameras on our melting process, and we were told they would like to film the full gold cycle. So, from an item of jewellery being brought, and then sold to us and eventually being melted along with hundreds of other items in our melt bars. The show is called Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers and allows a view into the world and workings of Hatton Garden. We don’t know too much about the final showcase, but we are excited to see the different characters in the Garden on the silver screen!


We are excited to see the finishing film all put together! The guys that were filming were all so happy and excited to have exclusive access to our melt room for filming! And all dressed in their hazard outfits with safety goggles we hope they had a great time experiencing the gold melting process. Let’s hope its a success for tonight’s big showcase!   


So make sure you guys are all tuned in for a glimpse into our world at HGM!! It’s called Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers, and its airing tonight, Thursday 24th July- at 9pm on ITV1.  

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