Rate Increase – 100% Market Rate for the Full Gold Sovereign

February Special Offer – Full Gold Sovereign at Full Gold Value

Full Gold Sovereign Rate Increase

Full Gold Sovereign Rate Increase

Hatton Garden Metals are pleased to announce another  great special offer when it comes to selling your gold coins. With immediate effect, and through the month of February we are buying the full gold sovereign at a new market leading rate – 100%. Yes, we are now paying 100% of the market gold fix for the Full Gold Sovereign. Current market conditions mean that the full gold sovereign is in high demand and unlike others we lead the market by passing the benefits of this onto you. This full gold sovereign special offer runs until the end of February, and during this period we will continue to pay 100% of the  gold fix for  the full gold sovereign regardless of stock levels. This fantastic rate for the full gold sovereign we believe is unrivaled by any major company in the UK. To learn more about our full gold Sovereign special offer read on…….

Shrinking the Spreads on Full Gold Sovereign

Not only are we buying in the Full Gold Sovereign at 100% of the London Gold Fix, but despite high demand we are also maintaining our sale price for the full gold sovereign at only 3% over the gold fix. This allows you to trade physical full gold Sovereign coins for a spread of only 3%. What’s more, unlike many of our competitors, the full gold sovereign is not subject to any minimum order quantity. We are happy to accommodate all purchases, and maintain the same competitive price for the full gold Sovereign to all our customers, meaning that you can take advantage of purchases and sales of the full gold sovereign coin at one of our lowest spreads on physical gold.

‘Best of British’ Credited to the Full Gold Sovereign

Here at Hatton Garden Metals, we are constantly evolving our service to find ways to maximise value for our customers. A large proportion of our investors are swaying towards the full gold Sovereign when looking to hold physical gold. The full gold sovereign is not only favoured merely for the history they hold, but also for their status as a ‘Coin of the Realm’. It is this prestigious title that grants the Full Gold Sovereign exemption from Capital Gains Tax. This is why we hope that by reducing the spread on our Full Gold Sovereigns, our customers will be able to maximise their potential return from investments on the full gold sovereign.

To take advantage of this great offer on the full gold Sovereign click here now.

Price & Stock alerts for the Full Gold Sovereign and other Investment Options

Did you know you can be amongst the first to hear when full gold sovereign stock is added to our online store? You can also be updated with the latest full gold sovereign prices? We have a range of innovative ways for you to stay connected to the latest moves in the market both through our RSS Feeds and through our Investment Twitter account. Why not subscribe today for receive full gold sovereign updates and get yourself ahead of the crowd?

Full Gold Sovereign February Offer Terms and Conditions

The Full Gold Sovereign offer will run until the end of February 2013 for all undamaged full gold Sovereigns as determined by Hatton Garden Metals (HGM). HGM reserve the right to buy any Full Gold Sovereigns that are damaged beyond normal wear and tear at the standard 22ct rate. Please leave any questions you have about the full gold Sovereign special offer below.

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