1oz Gold Coins Price Drop

1oz Gold Coins Price Drop

1oz Gold Coins Price Drop

Back in October Hatton Garden Metals brought you a special offer on all premium 1oz gold coins which ran for a limited period only. Due to the success of our 1oz gold coins special offer, we’ve been working hard to see if we can run this special price again. Today we’re pleased to announce that not only are we able to republish the offer, but are now in a position to drop our price on premium 1oz gold coins forever! This price drop includes all of our 1oz gold coins. For more information on which coins and how you can stay in touch with new stock arrivals read on…….

1oz Gold Coins Reduced Premiums

Having already developed a reputation for market leading prices and outstanding customer service, we have continued to work hard to ensure that you always receive the best possible prices from us. Currently Hatton Garden Metals are already able to bring you 1oz gold coins such as the South African Krugerrand at an unrivaled premium of 3% over the London Gold Fix. We are also often able to offer discounts available for bulk purchases. Due to our market position we are now able to reduce our premiums on all other 1oz gold coins from 4% to 3%, making our most popular gold coins now even more attractive as an investment offer.1oz gold coins included in this price reduction will be Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, American Eagles, American Buffalos’ Australian Nuggets and the stunning rarely available Chinese Pandas.

1oz Gold Coins Buyback Scheme

Not only do we offer outstanding prices when we sell our 1oz gold coins, we also offer the market leading price when buying 1oz gold coins from you. At 100% of the London gold fix our price on 1oz gold coins remains the best in the market to our knowledge for 1oz gold coins and enables you to trade physical gold coins at a spread of just 3%.

Live 1oz Gold Coins & Bullion Stock Updates

Do you want to be the first to know about our special offers on gold coins before stock is seen by most of our customers? We have a number of innovative ways to alert you when our 1oz gold coins or other bullion products are made available for purchase.


Our RSS feed is setup to send an alert detailing which new products are available to purchase as they are added throughout the day. We also have a number of other RSS feeds that automatically deliver the daily metal fixes, or the latest news from Hatton Garden Metals. Visit our RSS page to find out more or subscribe to receive the latest info.


Our RSS feed also delivers stock updates directly to Twitter through our investment gold Twitter feed. Please feel free to send us a tweet to ask any questions that you may have, leave comments on our service, or just tweet us to say Hi!

Mailing List

Our investment gold news is delivered straight to your Inbox by joining our mailing list, including latest news, offers on gold coins and updates.

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