New Offers on Gold Coins

Hatton Garden Metals has been offering 100% of gold fix for all 1oz gold coins now for almost a year.

Due to the change in market demands we are now dropping the price by a very small margin of 1%. This still makes Hatton Garden Metals the best place to sell you Krugerrands, Maples, Britannias and any other 1oz gold coins you have.

As a market leader we feel that to stay ahead of the competition we must always look for new ways to help you as the customer get the best from you investment, This means that there will now be a brand new offer for Full Sovereigns gold coins - We will be starting this offer on 11th of July and we will now be paying 98% for all full Sovereign gold coins.

Gold Coins Shopping Cart

We will also be adding a shopping cart to the site very soon to allow those of you that still wish to invest to purchase gold coins directly from our site, This again will help Hatton Garden Metals stay one step ahead when it come to customer satisfaction.

(please note this offer is for Full Sovereign gold coins only – Half Sovereigns not included)

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