Beware Of The Scrap Gold Rip Off

Hatton Garden Metals are one of the UK’s most experienced scrap gold buying companies would today like to
warn the public to expect very poor prices from scrap gold buyers that don’t
advertise a pricing structure on there websites.

With the current economic climate now leaving more and more consumers
desperate for the “quick cash deal” many scrap gold sellers are falling into
what looks like an easy option. Be aware what looks to good to be true normally

Many of the websites offer deals that are accompanied by Glitzy Commercials,
Full Page Spreads, Celebrity Backing for web and info commercials. What you MUST
remember this all comes at a cost and this has to be recovered by the companies,
This only means lower prices for you the consumer.

There is no reason with the technology that is available to web designers
that any website should not advertise a pricing structure or at very minimum the
latest Gold Fix
prices, The gold fix is information that is readily available to you the public.
Again beware of sites that don’t advertise this and instead compensate this
small but critical piece of information with terms like “best price paid” “we
pay over 100% of the gold price” “bets rates paid” “highest price on the net”
these are all quotes that shadow the important information – The real price of
gold. Some of these companies are paying as little as 50% of the actual price of

Fast Cash Option

Don’t fall into the trap of taking a fast cash option as again banks charge
companies to deliver cash so this in turn is another cost that must be
reclaimed. How ever desperate you cash needs are look around and find a service
that will give you the very best returns when selling your scrap gold. If you have used a
service that you are not happy with then just ask to have your materials
returned to you. Some companies offer a free returns policy and some offer a
return with a small admin fee, these are both reasonable but beware of companies
that charge large admin fees and expensive postal returns. Also always check the
small print as some sites advertise prices and then in the small print let you
know about handling fees, these fees are taken off the advertised price.

Ease Of Use

Scrap gold sellers should look for sites that offer a Internet service that
offers ease of use, This mean a 3 or 4 step process from finding out a price to
receiving your cash. The more complicated it gets for you the consumer means
there is probably a hidden agenda in the background.

Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Gold

1) Make sure that you are being paid a fair price
for your scrap gold

You can get a good indication of the likely to be paid for your scrap gold
buy checking out websites that advertise their prices. Most of the well established companies
have calculators and scrap gold prices on full view directly on
their websites.

2) Think about the offers open to you the customer and do the extra offers
made to you by the chosen company actually work out best for you.

Websites that run prime time TV adverts, advertise full page spreads in
national newspapers and offer over 100% for your scrap gold have to recoup their
investment from somewhere, Be aware that it is almost impossible for any scrap gold dealer to buy gold at
over the Gold Fix
price and is not common practice within the scrap gold industry.

3) Think about how you send your scrap
, Via Royal Mail Special Delivery, Courier or any other postal

Remember your items are valuable and your probably in need of the cash, So
ALWAYS send your gold via an insured service.

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