Argos Gold Rewards – Earn an extra 10% on your Gold

Argos Gold RewardsHatton Garden Metals are both pleased and proud to announce that due to our position as a leader in the market of buying precious metals, and our outstanding reputation for excellent customer service, transparency & trust we have teamed up with Argos to bring our loyal customers Argos Gold Rewards paying you an extra 10% for your scrap gold and other precious metals, should you opt to take Argos Gold Rewards as payment.

Argos gold rewards will enable Hatton Garden Metals to pay you Argos Rewards in excess of the bullion value of your gold.

In fact Hatton Garden Metals will be paying over 105% of the gold fix for your items. This, we believe is an industry first, and once again we at Hatton Garden Metals are redefining the market to ensure that our loyal customers receive more.


We will continue to offer a range of payment options including the faster payment system, but a staggering 10% extra will be paid to customers that select Argos Gold Rewards. These will be available to spend in anyone of over 700 Argos stores on any of over 30,000 products, and if that’s not enough, your rewards can also be spent in any Homebase store too.

Earn Argos Gold rewards for free, again and again

The Argos Gold Reward card is not just a one off voucher;
it can be topped up in store and used again and again. You can also continue to
earn rewards by recommending us to you friends, family and associates. For
everyone which you recommend who then uses our service, we will make a reward
payment to your account which can be added to your Argos Gold Reward card.
Further details on this will be announced shortly.

As always we at Hatton Garden Metals search out ways to give you more. We also listen to your views and respond. Please let us know what you think about the Argos Gold reward card by leaving your thoughts below and joining in the conversation. We have a number of other reward promotions planned, please ensure you are part our mailing list, our facebook page or our twitter feed to be the first to hear.

Update – Argos Gold RewardsInstructional video added

We’ve created a short simple instructional video to help you get underway and earning argos gold rewards. Please let us know what you think using the comments section below.

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